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Insurance types


Darbas anglų kalba. Introduction. Overview of literature. Business risk. Classification of types of insurance. Broader science. Branches of Insurance. Life insurance. Non-life insurance. Insurance products. Narrow science. Compulsory insurance. Professional liability insurance. Compulsory property insurance. Compulsory health insurance. Public social insurance. Insurance from point of view of business activities. Property and business interruption insurance. Business interruption insurance. Property insurance. Employers. Employer’s Liability Insurance. Insurance from accidents. Health insurance. Life insurance. The civil liability insurance. Transport. Loads. Credit. Construction. Travel. Insurance tricks. Insurance companies’ tricks. Directed way accidents. Assumed theft of transport mean. Trick in civil liability insurance. Trick in compulsory insurance from accidents in the work place. Other ways of cheating. Assurer’s tricks. Insurance company’s avoidance to pay insurance sum. Government’s trick. Present and future tendencies for insurance in Lithuania. Definitions of some terms used in the work.


In my work I overview the mane risks threatening for the business. And come to conclusion that the main way to reduce them is to choose right types of insurance.
Also I introduce different classifications of insurance according different criteria. In broader science there can be distinguished: life and non – life insurance. Statistics helps to analyze the distribution of life and non-life insurance within Lithuania and around EU countries. In narrow science I describe: simple and complicated; personal, property and financial losses; short-run and long-run; compulsory and voluntary groups of insurance.
Also I want to go deeper to compulsory insurance. As it is essential for us as for future managers aiming to reduce the risk of a business. Having analyzed a lot of sources of information I came to the conclusion that there are such compulsory insurance types: 1) LR transport mean owner’s liability insurance; 2) Professional liability insurance; 3) Compulsory property insurance (mortgage object, good storage); 4) Compulsory health insurance; 5) Public social insurance.
In the next section I will represent overall variety of types of insurance related to different types of business activity, such as: property, credits, loads, transport, constructions, trips.
Furthermore, I choose to emphasize that insurance system is rather complicated and a lot of problems occur within this insurance net. In real life cheatings happens. There can be distinguished insurance companies’, assurers’ and government’s tricks.
When insurance companies are cheated there can be distinguished the most sensitive groups for lie: transport means’ insurance (Directed way accidents, Assumed theft of transport mean); Transport’s liability insurance; Illnesses and accidents insurance (Misuse of compulsory insurance from accidents in the work places).
Further I analyzed assurer’s trick. This type of trick occur not so often as insurer’s trick. It’s because of high competition between insurance companies and their aim to avoid bad response in mass media. The main essence of this trick is in the insurance contract, when some important facts about insurance companies’ careless for the event is mentioned. In life this type of insurance happens by different ways: Insurance company’s avoidance to pay; Dishonest activity of insurance company’s intermediates.
Later I will talk about government’s tricks. This type of insurance can occur in two different ways: Avoidance to pay taxes; Money ‘wash’
Finally I will talk about present and future tendencies of insurance.
For better understanding I use cases in order to show how the insurance system works in reality. ...

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